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Master New AI, Data Science, Data Ethics, and GenAI Skills in Mesa, AZ

Data Science

The Certified Data Science Practitioner (CDSP) pathway is designed for professionals across different industries seeking to demonstrate the ability to gain insights and build predictive models from data.

The CDSP is a vendor-neutral, high-stakes certification designed for programmers, data professionals, and analysts seeking to validate and showcase their knowledge and skills in the area of data science.

Required Courses

Students must successfully complete the following courses and their corresponding exams:


Students should have experience with a high-level programming language such as Python. In addition, students must be comfortable working with databases. These skills can be acquired by taking the following courses after the DSBiz but before the CDSP:

  • Python® Programming: Introduction with LogicalLab (2 days)

  • Python® Programming: Advanced with LogicalLab (3 days)

  • Using Data Science Tools in Python (2 days)

  • Database Design: A Modern Approach (1 day)

  • SQL Querying: Fundamentals (1 day)

  • SQL Querying: Advanced (1 day)

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